Episode NameDescriptionDate Aired
Watch Out! The Willawaw!The gang are off to visit Velma's uncle Dave at an Indian reservation near the US-Canadian border, where they unfortunately find him missing after spotting a giant glowing owl monster in the skies.September 9, 1978
A Creepy Tangle in the Bermuda TriangleWhile out on a sailing trip, the gang get caught up in a hurricane and end up on a stranded island populated by skeleton men and UFOs.September 16, 1978
A Scary Night with a Snow Beast FrightThe gang travel to the North Pole to visit their friend Professor Krueger, only to find him missing after a snow beast was reported on the loose.September 23, 1978
To Switch a WitchThe gang visit their pal Arlene on Halloween, only to discover that the townsfolk are trying to drown her after she's suspected to be a witch.September 30, 1978
The Tar MonsterThe gang are invited to Turkey to visit Dr. Brixton who has discovered a buried city. Unfortunately a giant Tar Monster is lurking and scaring all his help away.October 7, 1978
A Highland Fling with a Monstrous ThingAggie McDuff calls Velma for help after she has a run in with her ghostly great-grandfather and the loch ness monster.October 14, 1978
The Creepy Case of Old Iron FaceAfter wrapping up a day of waterskiing, the gang encounter an iron faced pirate who skis upon man-eating sharksOctober 21, 1978
Jeepers, It's the Jaguaro!After making an emergency landing near Brazil, the gang encounter a half ape, half sabertooth creature.October 28, 1978
Make a Beeline Away from that FelineThe gang visit Daphne's Aunt in New York, only to discover she turns into a jewelry robbing cat creature at night.November 4, 1978
The Creepy Creature of Vulture's ClawVelma is visiting her friend Professor Greer, but soon learns his property his being terrorized by a giant mantis creature.November 11, 1978
The Diabolical Disc DemonThe gang are visiting their pal Jimmy Lewis at Decade Records, but soon run into a mystery involving the Disc Demon phantom and a kidnapped musician.November 18, 1978
Scooby's Chinese Fortune Kooky CaperThe Mystery Machine breaks down in front of the Palace of Rompoo in China, and the gang get involved with a caper involving the Moon Monster.November 25, 1978
A Menace in VeniceThe gang are visiting their pal Antonio in Venice where he is being haunted by the Ghostly Gondolier who wants to steal his family fortune.December 2, 1978
Don't Go Near the Fortress of FearOn vacation in Puerto Rico, the gang come across a haunted Fortress where the ghost of Juan Carlos lives.December 9, 1978
The Warlock of WimbledonWhile visiting England, the gang meet Jimmy Pelton who has been cursed by Anthos the WarlockDecember 16, 1978
The Beast is Awake in Bottomless LakeWhile looking for some Pike Fishing, the gang encounter the deserted village of Bottomless Lake, along with the beast that haunts it!December 23, 1978