Episode NameDescriptionDate Aired
Ghastly Ghost TownAfter crashing into a sand dune, the gang seek refuge at the Three Stooges Ghost Town Theme Park, where they try to figure out who is scaring away all the tourists.September 9, 1972
The Dynamic Scooby-Doo AffairOn their way to the Mystery Club Convention, the gang spot a suspicious airplane. Investigating, the kids cross paths with Batman and Robin who are knee deep in a counterfeiting scheme.September 16, 1972
Wednesday is MissingAfter the Mystery Machine gets stuck, the gang get tricked into babysitting the Addams Family Kids while Gomez and Morticia go away on a second honeymoon. While under the gang's watchful eye, Wednesday gets kidnapped.September 23, 1972
The Frickert FracasThe gang run into Jonathan Winters and drive him to Maude Frickert's farmhouse for some relaxation time, only to find out that there is a living scarecrow on the loose.September 30, 1972
Guess Who's Knott Coming to DinnerLost during a spooky thunderstorm the gang stop and ask for directions at Moody Manor, where they encounter sneaky detective work of Don Knotts.October 7, 1972
A Good Medium is RareThe kids find a lost dog and return it to Phyllis Diller, the owner. At her creepy place they run into all sorts of mischief, including a haunted seance at the Magic Mansion.October 14, 1972
Sandy Duncan's Jekyll and HydeThe gang are on a sightseeing tour of Mammoth Studios and find Sandy Duncan running for her life from a faceless person. From there, we get more shenanigans involving spooky mummies, pirates and a Mr. Hyde.October 21, 1972
The Secret of Shark IslandThe gang encounter Sonny and Cher stuck on their way to their second honeymoon, so they give the a lift. Spending the night, the tide has trapped everyone on the island, where they are surrounded by sharks.October 28, 1972
The Spooky Fog of JuneberryThe gang get pulled over by officer Don Knotts for speeding, and from there they encounter several strange ghosts and a spooky fog.November 4, 1972
The Ghost of BigfootOn a ski trip in Vermont, the gang meet up with Laurel and Hardy as well as the Ghost of Bigfoot!November 11, 1972
The Ghost of the Red BaronThe gang encounter the Ghost of the Red Baron who has been ruining the local corn crops. With the help of the 3 Stooges, the gang are determined to take his plane down.November 18, 1972
The Ghostly Creep from the DeepAfter getting lost in a swamp, the gang meet up with the Harlem Globetrotters where they are harassed and terrified by the Ghost of Redbeard.November 25, 1972
The Haunted Horseman of Hagglethorn HallA phantom knight is haunting Hagglethorn Castle where Davy Jones is currently living If the gang don't figure out this mystery fast, Davy's uncle has no choice but to sell the castle. December 2, 1972
The Phantom of Country Music HallMeeting up with their pal Jerry Reed, they discover he's missing at the Grand Old Country Music Hall. Fortunately they can hear his singing through the walls, however, plenty of spooky shenanigans prevent them from finding Jerry.December 9, 1972
The Caped Crusader CaperProfessor Flakey is kidnapped, and it's up to Batman, Robin and the gang to rescue him before the Joker and Penguin can acquire his flying suit.December 16, 1972
The Lochness MessThe gang are visiting Shaggy's uncle Nathaniel, where they and the Harlem Globetrotters encounter an angry sea serpent and 3 historical Boston ghosts.December 23, 1972