Episode NameDescriptionDate Aired
Nowhere to HydeOn their way home from the malt shop, the gang encounter the Ghost of Mr. Hyde shortly after he has robbed a jewelry store. Following him to his house, the gang sneak in where they meet the great-great-grandson of Dr. Jekyll.September 12, 1970
Mystery Mask Mix UpAfter buying a cursed mask from a Curio shop, Daphne is kidnapped by a pair of ghastly henchmen who work for the evil Zen Tuo.September 19, 1970
Scooby's Night with a Frozen FrightWhile fishing, shaggy catches a frozen caveman that had been lost at sea. The gang take the frozen block of Neanderthal to a local aquarium where the caveman is thawed and wakes up angry.September 26, 1970
Jeepers It's the CreeperWhile attending a Barnyard dance, the gang encounter the chthonic Creeper, a ghoul who can walk right through walls! https://planet-scooby.com/jeepers-its-the-creeper/October 3, 1970
Haunted House Hang-UpThe gang are on their way to a rock festival but end up lost on the back roads. Breaking down in front of an old manor, Scooby and Shaggy fetch some water out of well, only to run into a Headless Specter!October 10, 1970
A Tiki Scare is No FairThe gang visits Hawaii for a relaxing vacation, however it is unfortunately interrupted by the voodoo antics of a wacky witch doctor.October 17, 1970
Who's Afraid of the Big Bad WerewolfWhile out on a camping trip, the gang encounter a mysterious pair of red eyes that leads them to the open grave of Silas Long - Half Man and Half Wolf!October 24, 1970
Don't Fool with the PhantomThe gang are contestants on Johnny Sands' Dance Game Show where a mysterious Wax Phantom kidnaps the station manager and brings the gang to a local wax museum where they hope to find more clues.October 31, 1970