Episode NameDescriptionDate Aired
The Scarab LivesThe Blue Scarab, a famous comic book character, comes alive and haunts its creater - Jerry Sloan.September 22, 1979
The Night Ghoul of WonderworldThe gang head to Wonderworld, where all your dreams come true. Here, Velma gets involved in a story where she helps Sherlock Holmes solve a mystery.Septebmer 29, 1979
Strange Encounters of a Scooby KindThe gang encounter a ufo and a strange alien driving a car when they are out on a camping trip.October 6, 1979
The Neon Phantom of the Roller DiscoThe Neon Phantom can control the city's power and he has been cutting the electricity all across Hollywood.October 13, 1979
Shiver and Shake, That Demon's a SnakeOn a boat tour of the Florida Keys, the gang encounter a Snake Demon.October 20, 1979
The Scary Sky SkeletonThe gang visit Daphne's pilot friend Wendy, and encounter a long dead stunt pilot.October 27, 1979
The Demon of the DugoutThe gang are in Japan for a baseball game where a demon has been awakend and put an end to the world series.November 3, 1979
The Hairy Scare of the Devil BearThe gang are exploring the Grand Canyon and come across an archeologist team being hunted down by a Devil Bear.November 10, 1979
Twenty Thousand Screams Under the SeaThe gang run into an Aztec Sea Beast while attending a cliff diving competition in Mexico.November 17, 1979
I Left my Neck in San FranciscoWhile touring Alcatraz, the gang run into the Lady Vampire of the Bay, who may or may not be DaphneNovember 24, 1979
When You Wish Upon a Star CreatureAt the Greenfield Observatory, a new star has been discovered, along with a scary Star Creature.December 1, 1979
The Ghoul, The Bat and the UglyThe gang are late to the Batty Awards and watch as an entire audience runs out in fear for their lives due to the show being haunted by a Shadow CreatureDecember 8, 1979
Rocky Mountain Yiiiii!On a ski trip at Pratt's Peak, the gang run into the ghost of Jeremiah Pratt who's looking for his lost caravanDecember 15, 1979
The Sorerer's a MenaceAttending a magic show in Atlanta, the gang encounter the ghost of the Great Haldane who has made a valuable black pearl disappear.December 22, 1979
Lock the Door, it's a Minotaur!While on vacation in Greece, the gang encounter a Minotaur who only comes out at night to terrify the townfolk.December 29, 1979
The Ransom of Scooby ChiefScrappy hooks up with his old pals named Duke and Annie in New York city to rescue his Uncle Scooby from some dognappers.January 5, 1980