Episode NameDescriptionDate Aired
The Curse of Viking LakeHeading up to Canada for a fishing trip with Velma's Uncle John, the gang discover him missing, along with ghostly Vikings haunting the grounds.September 10, 1977
Vampire Bats and Scaredy CatsOff to visit their pal Lisa on Great Skull Island, the gang encounter a generational Vampire Curse!September 17, 1977
Hang In There, Scooby-DooA Ghostly Pterodactyl is terrorizing a hang-gliding contest and it's up to the gang to solve who's behind this Jurassic ghost!September 24, 1977
The Chiller Driller Movie ThrillerAfter receiving a threatening note, the gang and Scooby-Dum vow to protect Scooby-Doo from the Phantom of Milo Booth as they travel by train from the Phantom of Dixie movie set to HollywoodOctober 1, 1977
The Spooky Case of the Grand Prix RaceThe gang watch a driver disappear at a Grand Prix race after a spooky phantom race car driver overtakes the car. Now it's up to the gang to find the lost drivers.October 8, 1977
The Ozark Witch SwitchThe gang decide to spend a night in the legendary Hatfield's Cabin where the Ghost of Witch McCoy has turned the Hatfield family into frogs.October 15, 1977
Creepy CruiseThe gang take a vacation on a cruise where a professor, while showing off his time machine, has brought back a monster from the future!October 22, 1977
The Creepy Heap from the DeepWhile having a beach party, a bizarre monster emerges from the sea scaring the gang. Later on, they discover, that this monster can steal your soul!October 29, 1977