South Seas Scare originally aired on Dec 27, 1980 and is the first part of episode 8 of Season one of the Scooby-Doo and Richie Rich Episode. Here we see the boys in Hawaii where they encounter an active volcano that has plans to ruin their vacation as it births an angry lava monster.

Not much trivia for this episode other than this marks Scooby’s second time in Hawaii, with the first being A Tiki Scare No Fair.

South Seas Scare

The episode begins with a friendly luau in Hawaii that ends shortly after a volcano erupts. One of the islanders exclaims that the music has woken up the Lava Monster.

We get an nice solo by Shaggy on a ukulele as the islanders run off.

Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy in Hawaii

The Lava monster shows up and chases the gang into the Barnacle’s Beanerie restaurant and Shaggy fools him briefly by pretending to be a French waiter. The foil almost works until they serve the Lava monster his dinner, which turns out to be Scrappy.

Scrappy sprays the Lava Monster with some water and the chase continues where Scrappy ends up spraying the monster with even more water.

The lava monster throws a frozen turkey at Scrappy – which I can assure you is no easy feat. Frozen turkeys are heavy.

The gang eventually escape, and the islanders begin resuming their luau. Unfortunately the Lava Monster shows up once again. Fed up, Scrappy carries off the Lava Monster and tosses him back in the volcano from whence he came.

With another adventure over, the gang head off to their next destination.

My Review

fourI give this episode a 4 out of 10. The lava monster is kinda cool looking, and it’s fun to see Scrappy and Scooby in a grass skirt. Also, Shaggy is rocking a cool Hawaian shirt.

My expectations were low for this one, and my love for Hawaii and hula girls is high, hence my higher rating. This one just seemed tolerable for me. But has I have 3 more months of silly Scrappy shorts to review – I assure you it won’t take me long to go insane.

Anyway, that wraps up another mystery – join me next week when I will be covering Scooby’s Swiss Miss