Strongman Scooby is the second part of the 10th episode of the Richie Rich and Scooby-Doo Show and originally aired on January 10th, 1981.  This episode sees the gang at Muscle Beach Gym where they encounter a musclebound bulldog that tries his best to train Scooby.

Strongman Scooby

At a local gym on the beach, the gang head in to Muscle Beach Gym where Scrappy has enrolled the gang in a one day body building class. The class starts, and lots of hijinx occur as a Bulldog tries his best to train Scooby.

bulldog lifting weights

Scrappy is unhappy with the Bulldog’s training methods and tease the bodybuilder and we get a few hijinx involving a steam room, pool, and exercise equipment.  

shrunk Scooby

Dressing up as a shark to scare Scooby in the pool, the bulldog attracts the attention of a love stricken shark and chases the Bulldog out into the ocean.


My Review

twoI give this episode a 2 out of 10.  This one is just too silly for my taste.  The only saving grace for me was the introduction of a real shark, which just came right out of the blue, so it was an unexpected treat.

Well that wraps up another episode, join me next week for Moonlight Madness.  Something I can relate with, as these silly shorts are driving me, once more, to MADNESS!