Way Out Scooby is the first part of the 10th episode of the Richie Rich and Scooby-Doo Show and originally aired on January 10th, 1981.  In this episode we see the gang visiting a space centre where they are accidentally launched into space towards Mars.

Way Out Scooby

The episode begins with the gang admiring all the cool items in the space centre.  Outside, a rocket is about to be launched to Mars, and Scooby is accidentally loaded on board after running into a robot.  Scrappy and Shaggy head up to get Scooby out, but are soon locked inside where they are launched into space.

Space Centre

Here we get a lot of fun adventures where the gang deal with gravity, meteor showers and extreme g-forces.  In a matter of seconds, the ship reaches Mars, and the gang are able to walk freaky on the planet without space gear.  If you’ve ever watched Total Recall – you’ll know this just isn’t possible.

The robot soon turns on the gang and we get lots of silly chase scenes where the rocket team back at home watches on thinking the gang are Martians.  The gang then head back home safely, along with the 6 billion dollar robot.

My Rating

twoI give this episode a 2 out of 10.  This episode is stupid and an insult to kids.  I’m all for suspending disbelief, but I feel if you make an episode about space, you should respect the science.  Having people reach mars in a matter of minutes, and then walk on the planet without gear is just beyond stupid.  I think this would have been way better if the gang landed on a fake Mars set for a testing simulation.

I realize I’m being nitpicky here as there are a lot of scenarios in Scooby in the past have been just as ridiculous, such as Scooby blowing himself up as a balloon and floating away, or using his nail as lockpick.  Something about this one just rubbed me wrong I suppose, as I’m a big advocate for learning about space, and instead of slightly educating kids, they took a way too silly approach for me.

Some pros to this episode are that we do get some cool background artwork of space and Mars.

Anyway, that wraps up another mystery.  Join me next week when I will be covering Strongman Scooby.