Scooby’s Fantastic Island originally aired on November 29, 1980 and is the second part of the fourth episode of the first season of The Richie Rich / Scooby Doo Show

Here we see the gang fishing out in the ocean, where they come across a remote island which is home to a caveman and a few dinosaurs.

This episode is a tribute to old fashioned adventure movies, such as King Kong, where explorers would come across giant creatures and tribes.

But enough of my jibber jabber, let’s get on with the review.

The episode begins with the gang out on the ocean fishing. Scrappy catches a large swordfish which carries the gang’s boat off to a remote island where they are beached.

Fantastic island

Happy to see a banana tree, Shaggy’s not too upset about their misfortunes.

Strolling into the jungle, Scrappy goes off in search for some lions, tigers and gorillas.

Shaggy notes the island looks like it’s out of prehistoric times and it doesn’t take long until they run into a caveman.

The caveman, who has some seriously bad teeth, takes chase. Unfortunately, the gang’s luck gets even worse as they encounter several dinosaurs as they run away from the caveman.

Scooby meets dinosaur

Soon they resort to swinging on vines to escape a Pterodactyl, which brings them right back to the caveman.


The caveman is happy to see them where he requests they pull his wagon full of rocks. In a new chase, the gang turn the square wheels round fixing up his wagon for good.

Pleased, the caveman rewards his daughter’s hand in marriage which Shaggy politely declines.

Running back to the beach the gang get in their sailboat and head off to sea.

My Review

twoI give this episode a 2 out of 10.

The caveman as a villain is rather meh, and we got a few glimpses at some dinosaurs which helped a bit.

Otherwise, this episode is just 7 minutes of chase scene fun that I’ll never want to watch again.

It wasn’t horrible, and I enjoyed my watch, but as you all know by now, I prefer episodes that are spooky.

Well that wraps up another review, so until next week, when I will be covering Long John Scrappy.


Don Messick: Scrappy, Scooby
Casey Kasem: Shaggy