Stow-Aways originally aired on November 15, 1980 and is the third part of the 2nd episode of the Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo show.

This episode sees the gang accidentally taking a trip on a boat out to sea. Here they encounter an angry sailor, as well as a man eating shark.

At 7 minutes long, this episode goes by quick, so let’s get on with the review.


The episode begins with the gang on an ocean dock. Shaggy is hungry and ready to faint. On the dock they see a boat that doubles as a restaurant called Captain Jack’s

Unfortunately, the advertising sign is pointing at the wrong boat, so the Gang have entered the wrong ship.

looking through a port hole

The ship starts to sail, and our gang are now headed off to sea. Scrappy is impressed and happy, however Scooby and Shaggy are in a rush to get off.

Out on deck Shaggy hears a man saying that if he finds any stowaways he’ll throw them off the ship and into the sea where they’ll be food for sharks. Scrappy, as carefree as ever, begins to make a lot of racket playing shuffleboard and fishing, eventually catching a shark.


The crew hand finds Scooby and starts to chase them around the boat. Here we get 5 minutes of random hijinks and chase scenes until the gang escape on a life raft style rowboat. They escape that is, until the shark attacks and wrecks their boat.

Using some clever thinning, the gang use the shark to waterski to shore, and the episode ends.

waterskiing shark

My Review

twoI give this episode a 2 out of 10. The crew hand looking for stow-aways is the most boring villain ever, however, the shark turned the episode around and made it somewhat interesting.

Again, I don’t hate this episode, but I have no plans to ever watch this again. I remember watching this when I was 4 or 5 back in 1980 so it’s somewhat kind of memorable. But I think that’s just because like most people, I have a fascination with Sharks.

That wraps up another episode, Until next week, when we will be covering Mummy’s the Word, Stay Spooky!



Don Messick: Scooby, Scrappy
Casey Kasem: Shaggy