Scooby Ghosts West originally aired on Dec 6 1980 and is Part 5 of the Richie Rich / Scooby Doo show where they would have ran 3 of these shorts.

Here we see the gang encountering a Haunted Ghost town, and I hope we are in for a ghastly good time.

Incidentally, I would have turned 4 on Dec 6, 1980 and would have watched this one. So was 4 year old me happy with this episode, or annoyed? Let’s find out.

Scooby Ghosts West

The episode begins with the gang aboard an old timey train going through some deserted landscapes.

train view

Scrappy is excited about all the sand he’s seen so far, while Shaggy is excited for the sandman to come.

Scrappy sees an old ghost town so he stops the train. The trio get off, and the train takes off leaving them stranded.

Ghost Town

The gang investigate the town and come across a hotel that has one room left. The innkeeper invites the gang for dinner, and our trio are excited.


Sitting down, the three begin to devour their meal, unaware that the food is floating about by itself. Scooby soon catches on as he watches all the food get mysteriously devoured and Shaggy blames him for eating all the food.

Scooby then attempts to hop into the hotel’s one and only shared shower aggravating all the ghosts who are waiting in line.

Shaggy steps out into the hallway and sees no sight of ghosts, so the three of them head off to bed.

Stressed Scooby

During the night, Scooby is haunted by a few ghosts and soon a ghost steals Shaggy’s blanket waking him up.

Scrappy rushes out to fight the ghosts, and Scooby and Shaggy get covered in glue and feathers.

Ghost conductor

Eventually a new train shows up, and the gang escape the haunted ghost town. Unfortunately the train turns out to be haunted as well.

My Score:

fiveI give this episode a 5 out of 10. The little twist at the end where we learn the train is haunted made for a fun ending.

This episode also returns to featuring ghosts, which made it much more fun for me. Unfortunately the ghosts are invisible, so there isn’t really much going on in terms of spooky designs with this one.

There isn’t much going on with the innkeeper either. Was he a ghost or simply a harbourer of souls? I’m not sure, but I wish they explored his role a little further.

Anyway, this episode was one of the better ones so far. Join me next week when I will be covering A Bungle in the Jungle.


Don Messick: Scrappy, Scooby
Casey Kasem: Shaggy