This episode has no trace of Scooby and Shaggy. As the titles below suggest, all we get here is Yabba-Doo, Dusty, and Scrappy.

Tumbleweed Derby

Scrappy, Dusty, and Yabba-Doo are giving Wildfire the horse a nice bath at Dusty’s stable called Tumbleweed Stables, in preparation for the Tumbleweed Derby. Dusty’s hoping he can win a solid gold first place trophy to put on his mantel. Yabba-Doo is confident that Wildfire won’t lose due to his superior horse training skills.

Wildfire - Horse

Slade and his henchman drive by and scoff at Scrappy, Dusty and Yabba, claiming his horse ‘Cactus-Flower’ is due to win. Out of earshot, Slade tells his henchman that he plans on making wildflower disappear. Little does he know that Scrappy has plans to bunk up for the night in the stable to keep an eye on Wildfire.

Slade and Henchmen

Scrappy catches the bumbling horse thieves red-handed and rushes to rescue Wildfire. The horse thieves are too strong for Scrappy and wrestle the horse away.

Scrappy, Dusty, and Yabba-Doo hop on a motorcycle and take chase after the horse thieves. Slade makes a sharp turn at a cliff edge to escape. Dusty, unfortunately, can not make the same turn and drives off the cliff. Yabba manages to save them from the fall by creating wings out of two broken pieces of wood.

Yabba-Doo wings

Late for the race, Dusty panics as he doesn’t know where to find Wildfire, but Yabba-Doo spots him on a mountain top and devises a plan to get him down by catching him in a horse blanket.

Meanwhile, the race has started, but Scrappy manages to enter the race a few seconds after it began. To prevent Scrappy from winning, one of the horsethieves takes down a bridge, but Yabba-Doo has a Yabba-Doozie of an idea. Holding up the bridge with his shoulders, Yabba-Doo has made a bridge stable enough for Scrappy to cross.

The horse thieves make several more attempts to win the race, but Scrappy proves victorious. Before Scrappy can claim his trophy, Slade steals it and runs away.

Using his lasso, Yabba-Doo catches the thieves, and the gang reclaim their well-deserved trophy. Yabba-Doo then mocks the thieves no to worry, as they’ve won a two free admission tickets to the Tumbleweed Pokey (aka jail)

Yabba-Doo Lasso

I can’t say this episode is one of my favourites. First of all it’s missing Scooby-Doo. Secondly, Dusty’s voice irritates me somewhat. This episode has no spooky elements either, it’s just flat up comedy.

I do get why they went in this direction, as after 15+ years of Scooby, they were running out of ideas. Plus, there’s only so much you can do in a 8 minute episode. And you have a shifting demographic who was more into the fast paced comedy act. So I’m not blaming the writer or the creative team at all, and I’m rather happy they worked hard at keeping the Scooby-Doo brand on the air.