The episode opens up with an exterior of the Swamp Witch’s cabin in the woods.  Inside she stirs a cauldron reciting the spell ‘RigaMaRagaraRoo I’m cooking a Frogs Leg Stew, RigaMaRagaraRee, would anyone care to join me?’

This spell summons Globby, a ghostly apparition.  The Swamp Witch offers Globby a taste of her stew; however, Globby finds it mediocre at best.  Realizing that she forgot the Frog’s Legs, the Swamp Witch sends Globby out to retrieve someone she can turn into a frog.

Swamp Witch and Globby

Cooking up a little Frogs Leg stew.

Meanwhile, while doing a little early evening boating on the swamp, Shaggy remarks to Scooby how creepy it is and decides that they better head in before it gets too dark.  Unfortunately, neither of them knows which way is back, so Shaggy decides to flip a coin to figure out which direction they should go.

Shaggy, Scrappy, Scooby in a boat

As Shaggy flips the coin, Globby sails in and steals it from the air.  Enraging Scrappy, the Ghost causes Scrappy to leap out of the boat and chase him.  Scooby and Shaggy run out of the boat as well to catch Scrappy before he can be harmed.  However, the Ghost leads the gang right into the Swamp Witch’s house!

Scrappy Netted

What is this Halloween? I am not amused by your costume.

The Swamp Witch nets Shaggy but decides he’s far too small to be worthwhile for Frog’s Legs.  That’s when Shaggy and Scooby enter the house, and she’s pleasantly surprised at how delicious they could be.  Shaggy and Scooby, realizing she’s a witch, grab Scrappy and make a beeline for the front door, however the Swamp Witch uses her wand to SLAM it shut so they can not escape.

Sicking Globby on the gang, a chase ensues, until the gang hide.  Unable to find them, the witch coaxes Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy out by saying that she invited them for dinner.  Always hungry our mystery-solving trio emerge, only to be told that they are on the menu.  Another chase takes place, and the Swamp Witch zaps Shaggy, turning him into a frog.

Shaggy turned into a Frog

Shaggy manages to escape with Scooby and Scrappy. However, because he’s a frog, our trio has to sneak back in and steal the Swamp Witch’s wand.  Posing as Salespeople from the ‘Better Gnomes and Goblin Association, Scrappy and Scooby enter the house, confusing the witch, allowing Scrappy a chance to steal the wand by pretending that he needs to inspect it for defects.  Successfully, Scrappy is able to get it out of the Swamp Witch’s hands and turn Shaggy back to his human form.

Shaggy Scooby in disguise

Good evening ma’am, we’re from the Better Gnomes and Goblins Association!

Scrappy then zaps a broom and all three hop on it and fly out of the Swamp Witch’s house.  Unfortunately Scrappy drops the wand, and the witch picks it up, sending a spell after our beloved trio.  Shaggy, still in awe that he was a frog seconds ago, whips out a mirror to check to see if he’s all in one piece.  The mirror reflects the Swamp Witch’s spell and turns her into a frog whilst Shaggy, Scooby, and Scrappy ride off into the moonlight.

Broom Ride