At the Peep-hole Magazine Offices, magazine magnate Orson Kane makes Shaggy, Scrappy, Daphne and Scooby ace reporters for the magazine. Their Mission, get the inside scoFscop of famous people.

Peephole Magazine

Nora Detahmond

Nora Deathmond – Fangs for the Memories – 1933

Their First Assignment

Their first assignment is Nora Deathmon, the famous 1930’s horror queen. Since nobody has seen her since 1933, Orson wants the gang to sneak into her house, past her staff of monsters, and get an image and an interview.

maid mummy and franklyn

Nora’s Staff – Maid Mummy and Franklyn

Disguised as caterers (under the guise of “Creepy Caterers”, the gang successfully sneak in during Nora’s birthday and are hastily put to work. While Daphne sets the table, she notices that Maid Mummy clearly doesn’t know how to set down the silverware (or in this case it might be stainless steel as Nora keeps a werewolf as a pet), and Scrappy notices that this is unusual for a professional maid.

Daphne also decides that it might be a good time to take a picture, but is foiled by the snooping werewolf, who catches her red handed. Slightly terrified, Daphne blinds the werewolf with the camera flash, exposing herself as a reporter in the process. Nora sicks the werewolf and Maid Mummy on Daphne and Shaggy before they can take any more images.

In the kitchen, Franklyn the butler quickly realizes that Shaggy and Scoob are impostors as well as they ruin the entire meal with their feeble attempt at cooking. A chase begins between the pair and Nora’s butler. Trapped at a dead-end, Scooby, Shaggy, Scrappy, and Daphne meet up and decide to hide in the Basement – AKA the Chamber of Horrors!

Chamber of Horrors

Nora sees the gang enter her chamber and is amused, as the basement contains all sorts of spooky props and mementos from her movie career. Franklyn relishes at the thought of trying the props out on the intruders.

After more chases throughout the house, the gang elude the monsters through various disguises. The chase reaches an end after Daphne discovers that Nora has been robbed. Figuring out that Maid Mummy was an impostor, Daphne exposes the Mummy for the thief she is, revealing that Orson Kane is the true criminal.

Orson Kane as Maid Mummy

Orson’s plan was to keep the monsters busy with Scooby and the Gang’s shenanigans, whilst he could sneak out Nora Deathmond’s jewels. Pleased that the gang saved her precious jewels, Nora offers the gang anything they want, and Scrappy requests that they are allowed to see her face. Nora obliges, and the gang see that she hasn’t aged at all in the past 50 years.

In a not so surprising twist, Nora reveals that she’s celebrating her 300th birthday and owes her youthful looks to her being a vampire. Upon hearing that she wants the Gang as dinner, our not so courageous reporters hightail it out of the mansion!

Nora the Vampire

I’m a Vampire, and I never age! – Nora Deathmond