The new Scooby teaser trailer dropped today, and you can watch it below.

My Thoughts

All in all, the movie looks like a fun ride.  I haven’t dug into what the movie is about, as I like to go into movies blind, but it looks like this is an origin story of how Scooby met Shaggy, and how the Gang formed.  It looks like it hops between when the gang are tweens to more mature teens.

I’m not too fond of the alien element they showed, as I prefer my Scooby villains grounded in spookiness vs sci-fi, but the IKEA joke on the UFO was hilarious.

As for the voices, I realize there’s an upset in the Scooby world that Frank Welker isn’t voicing Freddy and Matthew Lillard isn’t voicing Shaggy.  While I always enjoy their iconic performances, I feel that there is still plenty of opportunities for them to participate in Scooby projects with new direct to dvd movies being released, or new series that will certainly pop in the future.  As this is a movie, I can understand why they’d want to switch things up, and honestly 99% of the demographic who’s going to see this (kids who are between the ages of 4-10, plus their moms), probably don’t even know who Frank Welker is (which yeah, kinda sucks).

I’m not entirely loving the new trailer, but I don’t dislike it either.  While I am excited to see it, I suspect the film will be ‘safe’ and ‘generic’ in that it has some good jokes, entertains the kids without scaring them, and ends up being forgettable upon walking out of the theatre.  Personally, while I do love a good time, I’d rather get something a little darker, thrilling and memorable  Hopefully, I’m wrong.