The Scooby-Doo series has always been a fan of rock ‘n’ roll.  From the folky chase scene music of the first few years to the Diabolical Disc Demon episode, to the Hex Girls, and to KISS meets Scooby-Doo, the writers have always embraced current trends.

This episode is no exception, written by Bryce Malek and airing on October 24, 1981, Punk Rock while not at its height, was still going strong with bands like X, the Ramones, T.S.O.L, the Plasmatics and the Dead Kennedys all releasing fantastic punk rock albums.

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At the start of this episode, Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy are at a packed stadium to see a battle of the bands concert to determine who the best punk band is.  We soon discover that not only are they spectators, but they are competing in the concert and Scrappy wears his best Devo hat for the set.

Scrappy with a Devo Hat

Meanwhile, Scooby is a little frightened by the audience around him.

Punk Rock Audience

Punk Rock Audience

First punk band up for the night is the Moon Mashers, which have an outer-space theme.  During their act, a flying saucer appears above the stage, and everyone considers it a prop.  The truth, however, is that it’s an alien from the planet Plutonion that looks just like Scrappy-Doo.

Scrappy Alien

The Alien thinks Shaggy and Scooby are two ugly monsters holding Scrappy captive, so he attacks.  Running out of the stadium arena, and into the backstage tunnels, the gang seek shelter, but the Alien Scrappy soon finds them.

The Alien Scrappy is such a perfect doppelganger, that Scooby mistakes him for Scrappy, and picks him up as the Alien Scrappy zaps machinery alive with his Plutonium Powers.

Plutonium Power

Ta-da-da-da-da-da-da Plutonium Power!

Scooby carries the Alien Scrappy back to Shaggy and Scrappy and they soon figure out that Alien Scrappy is an Alien when he turns a coat rack into a monster with his plutonium powers.

Haunted Coat Rack

The gang run away only to appear on stage, just in time for their set as ‘Scooby and the Splats’.

Scooby and the Splats

Initially, they are booed, but the Alien Scrappy appears and blasts Scooby’s guitar to life.  In an attempt to control the guitar from getting out of hand, Scooby is applauded by the crowd.

Go Scooby Go Go Go!

Scooby destroys the drum set as the guitar gets out of control, and they have one final face-off with the Alien Scrappy, which ends up destroying the entire stage.  The crowd goes nuts for this and Scooby, Shaggy, and Scrappy win the contest.

Also during the scuffle, Scrappy befriends the Alien, and all four accept the battle of the bands trophy together.

Battle of the Bands Trophy

The Alien Scrappy zaps the trophy to life, and then flies off in his space ship with it, leaving everyone dumbfounded about their extraterrestrial experience.

My Rating

7 PawsYou’d think the double dose of Scrappy would make this episode a bit annoying (as I’m not a huge Scrappy fan).  But this episode was a lot of fun.  It was really neat seeing all the punk rock outfits, and the added alien doppelganger was quite funny.

At this point in time, Scooby had switched from a spooky theme to just pure comedy, and was written to appeal to a sugar addled Saturday Morning audience hopped up on Count Chocula or Sugar Smacks.  This colourful episode delivers that sense of fun in spades, so I’ll give it 7/10