The Night of the Living Toys is the 7th episode of the New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, and originally it would have been aired with the episode – South Pole Vault.  Originally airing on October 20, 1984, this episode is written by Douglas Booth and involves Daphne, Scooby, Shaggy and Scrappy investigating a mystery at the Black Forest Toy Shop.

Black Forest Toy Shop

The gang are driving through a spooky forest to visit Black Forest Toy Shop, which also happens to be the largest toy store in the world.  Seems their help is needed by the owner, Herr Dreisbach, as his profits are being stolen.

Scrappy is pretty pumped and has a long list of items that he wants to buy, which include a Bike, Electric Trains, a Drum Set, and a Star Puppy Cassette.  Not a bad list, but personally, in 1984, all I was interested in were Transformers.

Black Forest Toy Shop

The World’s “Largest” Toy Shop.

Herr Dreisbach welcomes them with open arms and leads the gang upstairs where he can explain his troubles, and introduce them to his assistant – Mr. Sigmund.  We also learn that Herr Dreisbach has a safe behind the portrait of his great grandfather, who founded the store.

His Great Grandfather lived by the motto – “Treasure your foundation, for its bricks will build your future”.  Inside the safe, Herr Dreisbach keeps his store earnings.

Herr Dreisbach

Herr Dreisbach – owner


Shaggy asks if there are any suspects, and Mr. Sigmund explains that it’s the Elves.  The toy store was built on the Elf King’s underworld castle, and now the EVIL Elf King wants his property back.

The gang are also introduced to Katerina Kobald, the head of the Stuffed Animal department.  While she finds Scrappy adorable, Scrappy is annoyed by her attention.

Katerina Kobold

Katerina Kobold – Head of the Stuffed Animals Department

Herr explains that somewhere hidden in the Toy Store might also be the Elf treasure his Great-Grandfather found.  Herr would love to find it to pay his bills, as he’s near the point where he might accept a buy out offer from Forrest Toys.  Sigmond states that he thinks he should accept the offer while it’s still hot.

At night, when the store is closed, the gang split up to search for clues.  Scooby and Shaggy end up battling some toys that have come to life by the Evil Elf King.  Daphne, meanwhile, finds a lab report sent to Katerina at 123 Forest Lane, where she has asked the lab to analyze the mineral content of a brick.  The gang can’t figure this out, but feel as if this is suspicious.

Evil Elf King

Evil Elf King

Bribed by the offer of an entire box of Scooby Snax by Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby head into the basement to look for more clues.  There they run into Sigmond who warns them to leave before the Evil Elf King turns them into toys.

In the basement, among many conveyor belts making toys, they find Jack-in-the-Boxes that are manufactured Forest Toy Company, and their address is 123 Forest Lane (the same address from the lab report).  They also find a wall with a missing brick.

Putting it all the clues together, they end up capturing the Evil Elf King, and it is revealed to be Katerina Kobald.  Daphne explains that Katerina was robbing Herr using a remote-controlled robot she stuck in the safe.  From there, she stuffed the money into toy bears, which were then shipped off to the Forest Toy Company, which is her own address.

Safe Robber

It turns out that Herr’s motto was a clue about the hidden treasure.  In the basement, the entire wall was made out of gold bricks disguised as normal bricks.  All Katerina had to do was buy out Herr, then she would be a millionaire.   Thanks to Scooby, Shaggy, Daphne and Scrappy, Herr can keep his toy store, and Katerina his hauled off to the slammer.

Evil Elf King

My Thoughts

5 Paws out of 10I give this 5 paws out of 10.  While not a horrible episode, it’s not that great or creepy either.  Having Daphne is a nice bit of fun, and the setting of a Toy Store is interesting.

The Evil Elf king might be the worst Scooby villain ever.  Not only is the Elf human size, the Elf looks like a Christmas Elf all decked out in green tights.  Also, I think Katerina, in how she could bring toys to life, could have made billions with that talent.  Although, I guess there always could be consequences, as we learned in the movie Child’s Play.

The highlight of this episode for me was Mr. Sigmund.  While he was set up to be suspected as the Evil Elf King, I just found him to be interesting to watch.

At 6 minutes long, you could do a lot worse for  Scooby episode, but for a quick short directed at kids under the age of 12, this one isn’t all that bad.


Don Messick: Scooby-Doo, Scrappy
Casey Kasem: Shaggy
Heather North: Daphne
Ruth Buzzi: Katerina Kobald, Evil Elf
Tony Smyles: Sigmund