Me and My Shadow Demon is the third episode of The 13 Ghosts of Scooby-Doo.  Written by Cythia Friedlob and John Semper, and directed by Ray Patterson, this episode originally aired on September 21, 1985.

In this episode, we see the gang go up against Queen Morbidia, a somewhat Elvira-ish looking ghost who commands an army of  ghouls.

Morbidia - Queen of Ghouls


Me and My Shadow Demon

The episode begins with Vincent Van Ghoul in his castle.  From afar, he hears his crystal ball fall to the ground.  Running into the room, a Shadow Demon exits the window unseen as Vincent questions how this could have happened.

We then cut to the gang in their ugly 80s upgraded Mystery Machine.  This thing looked like it was designed to sell toys as it resembles something out of GI Joe that’s used to transport troops.

Inside the vehicle, Scrappy notes that they’ve picked up a signal on the Spectre Detector, so Daphne stops the van in front of an old coal mine.

Coal Mine Scooby

Inside the mine, Scrappy exclaims that it is full of ectoplasm.  Thanks to the film Ghostbusters coming out the year before, all us kiddies were familiar with this ‘scientific term’.  For those unfortunate kids who didn’t catch this awesome flick, Flim-Flam explains that ghosts are made of ectoplasm.  However, Daphne chirps in and mentions that some spirits are made out of shadows.

Cue the spooky music, and Scooby’s shadow comes to life.


Scrappy takes chase after the shadow demon, but the ghost uses his supernatural powers to cause the rope bridge, that Scrappy and the rest of the gang are on, to snap.  As the gang falls into a minecart, the shadow demon grabs the Chest of Demons out of Shaggy’s arms.

On the mine cart, the gang goes on a wild ride along the coal mine tracks.  The trip ends as they end up safely in a pile of coal.

Realizing the chest is gone, the gang argue about who should contact ‘old Vince’ through the crystal ball to see what they should do next.  Flim-Flam is the only one brave enough to try, and unfortunately, there are technical difficulties as Vincent’s crystal ball was smashed earlier.

Flim Flam Crystal Ball

Vincent gets the crystal ball going just in time to learn the bad news.  Vincent lets out a loud yowl and then explains they need to get the chest back before the night ends.  For tonight, the evil forces are at their strongest and have the power to destroy the Chest of Demons.

Vincent tells the gang that they have to go to Befuddle Manor on Bold Mountain, as that’s where the ghosts will convene to celebrate.  Before Vincent can explain that Befuddle Manor is like a maze inside, his signal is cut out, and the gang are unaware that they could be trapped inside the Manor forever!

The gang show up to Befuddle Hall disguised as insect exterminators, and enter.

Bug Busters

Inside they meet a kindly old lady who introduces them to her pet spider Griswald.  She also hires the gang to take care of exterminating any other pests in the building (that aren’t her beloved Griswald of course)

old lady

Griswald the spider

As the gang head off to investigate, under the disguise of bug exterminators, the old lady does a spin and reveals her true form.

Queen Morbida

The gang change out of their exterminator outfits and investigate the Manor.  It doesn’t take long for them to run into the Shadow Demon, so they take chase.  The Shadow Demon divides itself in two, so the gang split up to go after each version.

Daphne, Flim-Flam and Scrappy get trapped in a room, so Flim-Flam uses the crystal ball to contact Vincent.  Vincent gets a partial signal but realizes he can’t communicate with them, so he flies off on his magic carpet to Befuddle Manor.

Vincent Van Ghoul on a Flying Carpet

The second Shadow Demon chases Scooby and Shaggy to a theatre room, where they end up on stage in front of a horde of demons.  There, the two perform the song ‘Me and My Shadow Demon’ to entertain the audience of ghouls.

Shadow Demon Dance

With the help of their defective crystal ball, Daphne, Scrappy and Flim Flam manage to escape the room and end up on stage with Scooby and Shaggy.  Morbidia also appears and welcomes the crowd to the AFCIM or the Associated Federation of Crazy and Irresponsible Monsters.

Queen Morbidia

Morbidia demands the gang relinquish the Chest of Demons, and when she sees that they do not have it, she has her monsters drag the gang into a dungeon.  The gang also finds it strange that she knew nothing about the Shadow Demon.

Now imprisoned in a cell, Griswald, the giant spider crawls, is hungry for a midnight snack.  Crawling into the dungeon, the dastardly spider forces the gang deeper into the manors maze as they try to escape this creepy pest.

In the sprawling maze, they meet the manor creator Byron Befuddle.  The Shadow Demon also happens to be his.  Mr. Befuddle is, fortunately, one of the good guys, and had his Shadow Demon steal the Chest of Demons so the gang would save him from  Queen Morbidia.

Bryon Befuddle

Shadow Demon

While still evading Griswald the Spider, Mr. Befuddle helps the gang find the Chest of Demons and helps the gang navigate through the maze where they eventually meet up with Vincent Van Ghoul.  Vincent attempts to fly everyone out on his carpet, but the weight of everyone is too much, and they fall to the ground below.

Outside, the manor monsters corner the gang at the edge of a cliff and Mr. Van Ghoul suggests they stall the monsters until daylight, which is only a few minutes away.  At sunrise, the monsters will lose their powers.

Morbidia chest of demons

Always up for improvisation, the gang performs the song ‘Goodnight Ghoulies’ until daylight breaks and sends the monsters scattering away.  As daylight strikes Queen Morbidia, she dissolves into dust, and Flim-Flam sweeps her remains into the Chest of Demons.

My Thoughts

6I give this episode a 6 out of 10.  I enjoyed the first third of this episode, as it was quite spooky with the abandoned mine, along with the Shadow Demon.  After that though, with all the singing and dancing, this one gets stupid.

I do remember seeing this as a kid and singing “Me and My Shadow Demon” on the school playground the following Monday, so I guess as a kid, I did appreciate the silly factor here.

Unfortunately, Queen Morbidia spooky factor is wasted, and her giant spider is given more scares.  The Shadow Demon is the real star, with his shadowy looks, but again, he’s not that spooky as he turns out to be a good guy.  It’s also cool to see Vincent Van Ghoul out and about, plus the labyrinth maze is neat.  Finally, another episode without Weerd and Bogel means for a good episode for me.

In the end, this one is okay or average.  With a strong start, I was hoping for a spooky finish, but we get two show tunes instead.  And once again, the series fails to deliver on a strong 13th ghost.


Don Messick: Scooby, Scrappy
Casey Kasem: Shaggy
Heather North: Daphne
Susan Blu: Flim-Flam
Vincent Price: Vincent Van Ghoul
Frank Welker: Griswald the Spider
Linda Gary: Queen Morbidia
Byron Befuddle: Unknown but I’m thinking Don Messick as his laugh sounds like Muttley
Shadow Demon: Unknown – but I’m thinking Frank Welker